SingleSignOn Solution

Our SingleSignOn Solution (SSO) provides custom-tailored enterprise authentication and authorization service.

SingleSignOn Solution enables sharing session information across different domains. It is a property of access control that permits a user or a service to use one set of log-in credentials (e.g. name and password, SMS pin) to access multiple applications or services in the business domain.

Today, almost every application or a service requires some form of authentication to access its features and content. With the number of applications and services rising, a centralized authentication and authorization services has become a necessity.

Features overview:

Authentication support: LDAP, Database, SMS, external authentication source etc.

Multiple protocol support: CAS, SAML, OAuth, OpenID etc.

Service management web application: Creating custom service client privileges/permissions, enable/disable client application, management of users and fine-grained access control per service.

We provide client libraries for easy integration: Java (Spring Based), Java, .NET, PHP, Pearl, Apache and others

High Availability: can handle many concurrent user sessions. Active/Active, Active/Passive etc.
Deployable as a regular web application or Docker-based.

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Open Loop Loyalty Platform

By owning an Open Loop Loyalty platform, you can create a stage for gaining loyalty for different kind of member merchants that will allow them to properly reward their loyal consumers and to engage and incentivize purchasers in the long term. When it comes to building a strong, loyal consumer base, Open Loop platform offers a multitude of benefits.

Open Loop Loyalty Platform (Reward System) is the unique concept based on points with the assigned value. The Points are owned by the platform. The platform is made for merchants who, by becoming the members, assign the value to these points by creating a content on the platform about their brand (quizzes, flash deals, vouchers…).

The platform relies on the collection of such points by the end users.They are able to redeem points through different flash deals and vouchers offered by the member merchants throughout the platform. End users collect points by using mobile application (Open Loop Loyalty Platform app). Points are collected by liking the member merchants in social media, provide feedback or recommend to their friends, etc. It provides free advertising and great visibility, can lead to word-of-mouth advertising, and is an excellent way to instill loyalty.

With closed loop platforms, the end users can only redeem points with the issuing merchant. Since open loop platform assigns different merchants, end users will be able to redeem their points with any member of the platform. Points are valid even in case some of the member merchants decide to leave the platform. Member merchants are free to drop out of the program at any time without upsetting its customers.

Member Merchants are able to make different content on the platform and create a buzz about their brand. They are also able to track the overall response of the end users thus being able to plan future actions. This is a new way of gaining loyalty which does not necessarily mean creating deep discounts that will cheapen the brand and train customers to become price sensitive deal seekers. This usually happens with closed loop loyalty platforms where customers do not return unless there’s another deep discount which often cannibalizes standard fare customers.
The points have no cost to member merchants so they can reward all their customers without worry about cost or potential liability. Open Loop Platform takes care of the engagement, financial, operation and technology side of the loyalty rewards program so the member merchants can focus on taking care of their customers.

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